Joji Nakamura

Joji Nakamura

這是朋 丁pon ding的第一次,希望當天晚上有機會能邀請你來看看、與我們聊聊天。

//// Grand Opening ///
4 March Fri, 2016
18:00 – 21:00

Inaugural Exhibition 開幕首展

Memories in Monochrome:Unlimited Expression
Joji Nakamura


5 March Sat – 17 April Sun, 2016

媒體預覽: 4 March Fri, 14:00 – 16:00
開幕活動: 4 March Fri, 18:00 – 21:00, 藝術家出席


Based in Yokohama Japan, Nakamura is known for not only his paintings but also for his performances and curatorial practices.

Nakamura’s abstract paintings, recent series include paintings done with his fingers, have been gaining acclaim year by year. The artists refers to the aim of his paintings as “To capture the one moment where an image shifts from abstract to figurative”.

In addition, by entitling the “stopped” art work with a phrase that the image might have evolved into, Nakamura conveys his subjective view to the viewers. Simultaneously the artist enhances the viewers to also question his thoughts, enhancing new images to emerge.


中村穣二是一位在創作中生活的藝術家, 他的創作來自行動與直覺,以雙手沾取黑、白、灰色調顏料,直接於畫布上塗抹、按壓、刮取;手部與肢體的運作藉由顏料留下軌跡:平滑的線條、疊擦的斑駁色塊、以及指間顏料堆積的厚實肌理,彼此相依共生,一如骨幹、肌肉與毛髮,逐漸生成軀體。



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