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|每朵花都是野生的,每株植物都是雜草|by Slow Editions

by Slow Editions 

時間|2018/12/28(五)— 2019/1/20(日)
地點|朋 丁 pon ding 2樓
Slow Editions 主理人Eunice Luk將出席開幕/講座

開幕飲品贊助| THREE LEAFS 三叶 

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一個人若是想要從不同的角度看事物,必須另外取得一個優越的視角。我們培育出我們想要的東西、扼殺或排除不想要的部分 —— 建構起主觀的觀點、打造特定的場域。在這個過程中,我們做出判斷:獨佔並操控野生生物,並將剩下的其他生物歸類為入侵外來種。



藝術家 Eunice Luk 將展出一系列新複合媒材創作。現場將同時展示 Slow Editions 所發行的藝術家專書和各種相關作品。

● Slow Editions
Slow Editions是位於日本及加拿大的獨立出版單位。自2014年起,Slow Editions開始跟藝術家們合作,製作及發行藝術刊物,也包含了其他相關作品。合作過的藝術家包含Hanna Hur, Vanessa Maltese, Alicia Nauta, Momoe Narazaki, Masanao Hirayama, Sophy Naess ......等等族繁不及備載。2019年開始,他們將以洞察力、多元、轉化作為核心概念,去發想新作。

● Eunice Luk (b. 1988, Canadian)
生活與工作在日本的視覺藝術家。近年來展出地包含 Utrecht(東京), The Embassy of Canada Prince Takamado Gallery (東京), VACANT (東京), Printed Matter (紐約)and Art Metropole (多倫多)等地。


Slow Editions presents 
Every flower was wild and every plant was a weed

To look at things from a different perspective, one must occupy another vantage point. We nurture what we want and kill or pull up what we do not want: Cultivate subjective views and curate specific environments. Along the way, we made the choices to monopolize and manipulate wild living things and classified the rest as invasive. 

Holding the soil this whole time was the unwanted weed. Naturally evolved wildflowers retaining its original shapes, sizes and fragrances with no alteration or modifications. Its seeds are the best travellers by wind or by water, spreading in unimaginable distances. Its origin simultaneous with the origin of mankind, manifests signs of strength and continues to adapt. Beauty in resilience, the exquisite flower nudges for a second look. A holistic shift in context reveals the potential and possibilities for the undesirable.

A presentation of new mixed media works by Eunice Luk.

Slow Editions artist books and multiples will be on view and available.

● Slow Editions
Slow Editions is an independent publisher working between Japan and Canada. Since 2014, Slow Editions has collaborated with artists to produce and distribute thoughtful artist books and multiples. Slow Editions has published works by Hanna Hur, Vanessa Maltese, Alicia Nauta, Momoe Narazaki, Masanao Hirayama and Sophy Naess, among others. In 2019, we are working on new editions inspired by perspectives, pluralism and translations.

● Eunice Luk
Eunice Luk (b. 1988, Canadian) is a visual artist based in Tokyo. Luk has recently presented works at Utrecht (Tokyo), The Embassy of Canada Prince Takamado Gallery (Tokyo), VACANT (Tokyo), Printed Matter (New York) and Art Metropole (Toronto).