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〔模様・motif〕tan tan & xue

Exhibition by tan tan and
Tsung-Hsien, Xue.


本次展覽為 tan tan 與插畫家 Xue 合作新一系列服裝 “Series E” 的概念呈現。Xue以Onggi (罈) 與Altar (壇) 作為雙向交綜的材料,假想圖形附著布料後預演於身體的小型劇場,而 tan tan 將劇中的角色、物件、場景和空氣以相異的織品與工法媒合成果。服裝之外,臨場亦有品牌與插畫家透過不同形式的原作發表,C:。ミ‧*¨*‧.¸¸☁☁!

Fashion brand tan tan and Xue collaborate and produce a new clothing series called "Series E". This exhibition named "模様・motif " is to present the concept behind it.

Xue chooses Onggi and Altar as the references, imaging the the human body as a small scale theatre when graphical figures attached on the garments. tan tan picks up the characters, objects, sceneries and air as the materials to form a synectics output by adopting different textile skills. Apart from clothing, there are original works presented on site. C:。ミ‧*¨*‧.¸¸☁☁!

tan tan
tan tan 是一個服裝品牌,2014年成立於台北。

tan tan is a fashion brand established in 2014 currently based in Taipei.
tan tan specializes in observing the little details in life and transforms them onto clothing design. The everyday life ideal outfit comes from the substantiation of the fantasies from her mind.

薛琮憲 Tsung Hsien, Xue

Illustrator/graphic designer. Living and working in Tainan.
Since 2010 he started to publish personal works. 
His creations come from everyday living paths and the evoked visual within, forming the fragments of his own imagery and continuing trying the possibilities between different media and materials.
展期 2018.06.22 (Fri) — 07.15 (Sun)
開幕 2018.06.23 (Sat), 15:00
場地 朋 丁 pon ding