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12 dog cycle performance

12 dog cycle performance

開幕演出:6月18日(六)下午 3:30

由聲音藝術家張惠笙(台灣)與Nigel Brown(澳洲)組成的「12 dog cycle」將於展覽現場進行聲音即興演出。

Opening performance: 18th June Sat, 3:30pm

12 dog cycle is a sound art collaboration formed by Alice Hui-Sheng Chang(TW) and Nigel Brown(AUS). They will do an improvisation performance on the opening day at 3:30pm.


[ 12 dog cycle ]

12 dog cycle 是由台灣的張惠笙和澳洲的 Nigel Brown 一同創作的表演合作。在他們的表演中,他們以聲音來探討我們對於生活四周空間與環境的體驗。惠笙用她的非傳統人聲發聲來製造與觀眾間的親暱互動,也以發聲方向來凸顯空間中的回音原音特質。Nigel 用以一改造手風琴來製造特殊的延續聲音樂器。

Nigel Brown 從2004年大學畢業後,就一直在聲音和實驗音樂領域工作。他的廣泛興趣讓他於各界都很活躍,如即興音樂表演、錄音出版製作、展覽裝置、舞蹈和劇場的聲音設計。


Nigel 於2006年於澳洲皇家墨爾本科技大學 (RMIT) 完成了純藝術碩士,於此大學亦於2004 年完成了媒體藝術學士,主修聲音藝術。


自2003年,張惠笙曾展演於台灣、首爾、香港、杭州、澳洲、紐西蘭、蘇格蘭、法國、奧地利、葡萄牙、西班牙、德國、瑞士、希臘、波蘭、挪威與美國等地。 她表演以即興為主,經常與各國聲音藝術家與其他媒材藝術家跨界合作表演。

曾獲駐村補助,與 Nigel Brown 一起於墨爾本 Laughing Waters、奧地利AIR Krems (2015),葡萄牙Binaural (2011)等地駐村。另曾駐村於墨爾本West Space、澳洲維多利亞省Bogong AIR (2011),南韓首爾 SFX (2010),文建會補助法國巴黎西帖國際藝術村 (2009),台北國際藝術村 (2008),墨爾本West Space與蘇格蘭格拉斯哥CCA (2005)等地創作。

12 dog cycle is a sound art collaboration that has been developed over the past decade by Alice Hui-Sheng Chang and Nigel Brown. In their performance practice they use sound to explore our experience of the space and environment around us. Alice uses her voice in unconventional ways to create an intimate relationship with an audience and draw attention to the acoustic properties of a space. Nigel has deconstructed a piano accordion to create a unique drone instrument.

Nigel Brown has been working in the field of sound and experimental music since graduating from university in 2004. His range of interests have led to working in improvised performance, recording for publication, gallery-based installation, and sound design for dance and theatre.

He has performed extensively in Australia, Europe and East Asia in events ranging from major festivals to small independent gigs. His work is focussed on exploritory approaches to physical materials; finding unexpected sonic possibilities in existing instruments or other objects.

Nigel completed an MFA at RMIT University in 2006, and a Bachelor of Arts (Media Arts) in 2004, specialising in sound.

Alice Hui-Sheng Chang was born on the 31st of July, 1984 in Changhua, Taiwan. Alice graduated from RMIT University’s MFA program (2006). Prior to the MFA she completed a Bachelor of Arts (Media Arts) at RMIT. Alice has also completed a MA in Experiential and Creative Arts Practices at the MIECAT Institute (2014).

She has performed in East Asia, Europe and Oceania at festivals including Liquid Architecture, the NOW now, This Is Not Art, Electrofringe, and 2High Festival (Australia); Lacking Sound Festival, Kuandu Arts Festival, transonic, TAV Open Studio (Taiwan); Vozes de Magaio (Portugal), Santander Muestra de Arte Sonoro (Spain); Elsie Else (France); 2pi (China); Sound Effects Seoul 2010 (South Korea); and iiii Music (New Zealand).

Alice has been involved in residencies in AIR Krems (2015), Austria; Laughing Waters (2015), Eltham, Australia; Binaural (2011), Nodar, Portugal; West Space (2011), Melbourne; Bogong AIR (2011), Victoria, Australia; SFX Seoul (2010), South Korea; Cite des Arts (2009), Paris, France with the support of Council for Cultural Affairs, Taiwan; Taipei Artist Village (2008) with the support of Taipei Cultural Council; and CCA, Glasgow, Scotland and West Space, Melbourne, Australia (2005).


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