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5&5 澳門台灣設計展 MACAU Taiwan Design Exhibition

5&5 澳門台灣設計展 MACAU Taiwan Design Exhibition

5&5 澳門台灣設計展
Design Exhibition

台灣展出單位 Taiwan Exhibitors:

澳門展出單位 Macau Exhibitors:

時間▕ 2016/11/25(五)— 2016/12/4(日), Monday closed
地點▕ 朋 丁 pon ding 2樓
地址▕ 台北市中山區中山北路一段53巷6號
開幕▕ 2016/11/27(日)15:30

開幕酒水贊助: DeLuxBurg Beer 

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Macau not only has numerous famous attractions, but also has diverse design viewpoints. The beauty of Taiwan not only lies in its friendly people, but also lies in its unique design taste. 

Geographically close to each other, these two places seem to be so different yet share so many similarities, especially their unique perspectives on design. We both live in a place where realizing ones dreams requires a lot of persistence, and we're both familiar with obstacles and challenges. But this is exactly why uniqueness and diversity have been shaped in our design. 

The general level of design in Macau and Taiwan has shown obvious growth and improvement in recent years. Innovative creative thinking ideas have been constantly emerging between the two places. Through 5&5 Macau Taiwan Design Exhibition, we hope to spread the ideas to the public and encourage a deeper understanding of this unique design energy in both places. 

Through sharing, discussing, exchanging each other's culture and design background, this design energy is transformed into the exhibition named 5&5, featuring 10 designers from Taiwan and Macau. The designers will communicate and learn from each other in the language of design, creating a thriving forum for people from both places to exchange design Ideas.

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策展人 Exhibitor
朱偉恆 Raymond
黃國瑜 Leo

主辦單位 Organizer

協辦單位 Co-organizers

贊助單位 Sponsor

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