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Interview with Chris Grisana

Interview with Chris Grisana

Q: 之前在墨爾本的時候,是什麼原因讓你開始投入獨立出版?
Chris Grisana: 是墨爾本這個城市!我想墨爾本之所以讓人如此喜歡是因為當地人所創造出的「共享精神」,它逐漸地洗腦我,像是小誌啊(這裡可要特別提及Sticky Institute) 、龐克與死硬派音樂啊(也是因為離家多年的孤單啦)這些具備強烈共享意識的次文化,激發了我投入獨立出版。


Q: 你有出版任何zine嗎? 
Chris: 有,不能說是出版,但我製作了很多zine,大部分是用來交換或贈閱的。對我來說,這是這小誌文化中最棒的部分之一。


Q: 跟我們說一些有關你與Speedy Grandma一起做過的事情。
Chris: 最初,我跟Speedy Grandma的主理人 Lee Anantawat一起製作了很多企劃和zine ,我們算是之前就認識了,因為我買了一本她的書,是由我在墨爾本的偶像出版的,當時我寫信給她,但在那之後我們並沒有認真保持聯繫。後來我們意識到,既然我們必須認真一點正視我們想做的事,但是又能夠讓我們享受其中的話,製作zine應該是最好的方案,所以我們就這樣開始了,好像在解謎一樣。



Q: CEO books是關於什麼的呢?
Chris: 簡單來說,CEO books是以E-Harmony.com(交友網站)為靈感,設立在曼谷的書籍計畫空間。對我來說,那裡是一個透過「親密戰略」來發現藝術書籍和人之間的連結的地方,我設法為所有人創造雙贏的結果。


Q: 你是個雜誌收集者,現在還有繼續在收集嗎?能不能大致跟我們描述一下你的收藏?
Chris: 研究雜誌和研究它是如何崛起最讓我感到開心,大部分的時候,我會去找該本雜誌之前的過刊而不是最新刊。我認為觀察一本刊物的發展、研究不同時期的編輯和設計如何影響雜誌的呈現,還有透過網路追查它的蛛絲馬跡是我對一本雜誌表現「尊敬」的方式。


Q: 你期待在台灣看到什麼?
Chris: 我希望可以接收到台灣出版領域製作者以及這個相關社群的關注。(不過老實說,回答這份Q&A已經讓我覺得很受照拂了,不需要像遊客一樣去龍山寺祈福了!)


Q: 請跟我們分享最近一本你最近感興趣的獨立出版刊物。
Chris: 嗯……可能是彭博商業週刊吧,但它不是獨立雜誌就是了(請不要批判我)。

Q: Back to the time when you were in Melbourne, what made you start to dig in independent publishing?

Chris Grisana: The City, Melbourne! I think what’s so likeable about Melbourne was the communal essence of the people there, slowly brainwashing me, made me urged for all these sub-cultures with strong communal essence such “fanzine” (shout out to Sticky Institute), “Hardcore & Punk music” (also loneliness of being away from home & family for many years).


Q:  Did you publish any zines?

Chris: Yep, I wouldn’t say publish. But I’ve made many zines, mostly for trade, or gave away. To me that’s one of the greatest aspects of this culture!


Q: Tell us a little bit about the work you did with Speedy Grandma?

Chris: Firstly, I’ve been developing many projects and zines with Lee Anantawat the boss at Speedy Grandma. We sort of knew each other because I got her book that was published by my idols from Melbourne. I emailed her and we’ve been lazier ever since! When we realised that we need kick our own asses as well as still having a great time. So we thought of making zines as our “go to” solution and that was how our adventure started, the “puzzle solving” kind. At that time (2012) we’ve found that there was no one making or knowing anything about the power making zines; to make it short. So we decided to brainwash others so they could enjoy it like me and Lee by organizing various communal events such as free printing workshops, drawing sessions and businesses that create cultural services.


Q: What is “CEO books” about?

Chris: Will keep this short, CEO books is E-Harmony.com inspired book-space project based in Bangkok. A place for me to find out more about the connection between art books and people there by using intimate-tactics to create win-win result for all.


Q: You are a magazine collector. Are you still collecting now? Could you briefly describe your collection for us?

Chris: I find happiness by investigating about magazines and how it is raised. So most of the time I try not to get new releases. Instead I hunt for their entire back issues. I believed that by looking at the progression of one’s title, seeing how different editors and graphic designers rockin’ their magazine as well as stalking them on the internet are my ways to go about paying them “respect”.

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