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|A Dozen Eggs, Plate Please, Café Cup 一打雞蛋、請給我盤子、杯子咖啡店|by HOKO

|A Dozen Eggs, Plate Please, Café Cup 一打雞蛋、請給我盤子、杯子咖啡店|by HOKO

A Dozen Eggs, Plate Please, Café Cup

by Atelier HOKO


此展為一系列物件研究計畫「Science of the Secondary 次要科學」的延伸呈現,HOKO工作室集結了新、舊作,以他們獨有的剖析與詮釋方法,為來訪觀眾呈現此計畫一路的發展過程。

December 2017, Atelier HOKO will be presenting three installations centred on the theme of Cup, Plate and Egg across all 3 floors of 朋 丁 pon ding. Past and current works are arranged to give visitors a sideways encounter with the investigations and interpretations made through the Science of the Secondary research process.

時間|2017/12/28 (四) - 2018/1/21 (日) 
地點|朋 丁 pon ding 1-3樓
開幕|2017/12/30 (六) 3-6pm 藝術家出席
展期間Science of the Secondary全系列書籍將於現場展售

CAFÉ CUP 杯子咖啡店
28th Dec 2017 - 21st Jan 2018

Café CUP是一座飲用實驗室,邀請參與者放開心胸去感受「從一個杯子喝飲料」的感官經驗,客人可從17款不同樣式的杯子去挑選一個喜歡的杯子盛裝飲品。杯子原型的製作發想來自於製作《Science of the Secondary: Cup》 這本書時的調查發現。

Café CUP is a drinking laboratory that invites visitors to be curious about the sensations of drinking from a cup. Customers are free to choose and drink from a collection of 17 cup prototypes, produced in consideration of the findings made through Atelier HOKO’s research publication Science of the Secondary: Cup. 

28th Dec 2017 - 21st Jan 2018


In this work-in-progress exhibition, visitors will encounter normal, everyday artefacts. Some are man-made, mass-manufactured objects, while others as gifts from nature. Examining a fruit peel or a sheet of paper closely, we may encounter the marks of human gestures that produce an intimate sensation of a plate.

28th Dec 2017 - 14 Jan 2018

在一個半虛擬的場景中,這個展區「A Dozen Eggs 一打雞蛋」希望將討論從什麼是真實、合乎道德與充滿正確性的方向拔出,轉而去關注想像力的延伸。觀察人們的行為與雞蛋的關係,此展將開啟一個提問:「假如…會如何?」 並藉此去推測,當我們面對「蛋是什麼」、「一顆蛋可以做什麼」這類提問時,我們平日的日常互動和生活習慣如何去影響我們做出的各種假設和預期反應。

Situated within a semi-fictitious setting, A Dozen Eggs wish to shift the debate away from what is real, ethical and preferable towards what is imaginable. Translated from observations on peoples behaviour around eggs, this exhibition is presented as a “what-if..?” speculating on how our daily interactions and habits affect our assumptions and expectations of what an egg is or can be. 


HOKO工作室 (2002年成立) 是由Alvin Ho與Clara Koh創立的獨立研究室,專注於研究人、事物和空間之間日漸脫鉤的關係。HOKO工作室關注人群,希望建立開放的態度及面對未知的能力,藉由新鮮、銳利的眼光去重新審視現實,對所有現象保持著高度好奇心。

Atelier HOKO (2002) is an independent research lab that focuses on the study of the growing disengagement between people, things and space. The atelier hopes to cultivate in people, an open-ness and ability to un-know, bringing about a heightened curiosity towards all phenomena by taking a fresh look at reality. Founded by Alvin Ho and Clara Koh.





Science of the Secondary is an inquisitive approach towards uncovering implicit conditions that exist in our experience of the everyday. When speaking of the term ‘secondary’, we are referring to conditions and sensations that human beings are not conscious of in their day-to-day interaction with things and the immediate surroundings. Accumulating this rich and boundless field of knowledge, the research hopes to draw upon a renewed sensibility towards living, with much excitement and freshness.



|EDEN 樂園| Melissa la O'

|EDEN 樂園| Melissa la O'

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