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比安弗尼出版工作室(Bienvenue Publishing)作品展

比安弗尼出版工作室(Bienvenue Publishing)作品展



時間|2018/2/20 (二) - 2/25(日)
地點|朋丁pon ding 三樓
地址 | 臺北市中山區中山北路一段53巷6號

⇨ 2/21(三)2-5pm 設計師Oliver Hischier駐店 ⇦ 

「大自然充滿了各式令人感到驚喜新奇的現象,但並不是每一個人都時時刻刻準備好自己去體驗和感受這些驚喜。」- Oliver Hischier & 吳曉群

Bienvenue Publishing是一間座落於蘇黎世的獨立出版工作室,由Oliver Hischier和吳曉群所成立。

作為視覺設計師,Oliver&小裙子擅於將大自然的構造轉化為視覺的語彙。他們研究自然界容易被忽略的現象,以及其文化含義,接著將結果轉化為敘事性的視覺語言。在他們的作品中,埃及的護身符(N° 9 Iridescence)、加拉巴哥雀嘴喙的形狀(N° 8 Gentle Knife)、中國的病態美學(N° 2 Morbid Being)或日本的枯石庭園(N° 6 Quiet Water)都是他們研究創作的題材。


Bienvenue Publishing讓更多人看見這些大自然的現象。他們把作品製作成限量的刊物、卡片等印刷品以質感相對原始粗糙的Risograph孔版印刷方式呈現,這種印刷方式具有一定程度的限制性,在單一的印刷方式中尋求細膩的質感,呈現出溫柔的色澤和美感。

Origins N° 3(最右圖)

他們是科幻小說中的怪誕生物嗎? 還是是只存在於深海的奇怪生物? 事實上,他們是在顯微鏡下顯現的複雜又美麗的種子。根據1859年生物學家達爾文的《物種起源》,種子不僅是動物的食物,更是决定了加拉巴哥群島上雀類的生存,鳥喙隨着種子的形狀進化便於快速取食不被淘汰。「物種之中,並非那些最強或最聰明的能夠生存,而是那些最能適應轉變的」。


Bienvenue Publishing turns nature into visual culture. Their approach is to translate natural structures into handmade, graphical editions. As graphic designers, they tackle the visual appearance of nature that has not gotten much attention thus far. First, they look at how it came about and what it means culturally. In a second step, they turn the results of their research into a narrative visual form. Egyptian talismans are put in focus as much as the beak’s shape of the Galapagos finches, morbid aesthetic in China or stone gardens in Japan.

Even though various topics are handled and different methods applied, the results always make the same impression: it can be described as calm, poetic and lightly surreal. They are interested in what surprises us and investigate those phenomena as designers. Nature is full of surprising phenomena. But many people do not always have the readiness or time to be surprised. They want to bring more visibility to this using graphic methods. Their work is available in booklets, journals, cards and as prints in limited edition.

The artwork on cover photo
Origins N° 3(first one on the right)

Are they bizarre creatures out of science fiction? Strange beings that only exist in the deep sea? In fact, they are seeds showing their intricate beauty under the microscope. Seeds are not only the foodstuffs of animals, but they also shape the survival of the finches on the Galápagos Islands, according to Darwinian theory dating back to 1859. «It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.» – Charles Darwin.