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|憨吉島 Sweet Potato Island| 鄭昀個展

憨吉島 Sweet Potato Island


時間|2019/4/12(五)– 2019/5/5(日)
地點|朋丁 pon ding 3樓
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鄭 昀 Yun Cheng


“Taiwan, for me, is a place with endless familiar memories.”

The history on this island is scattered and fragmented. My intention is to redocument those periods unwilling to be remembered, recombining scattered pieces of rejected histories, perhaps luckily, finding myself through the process. Past, present and future, moments that seems to happen in a chronological and parallel manner actually intersect and influence each other. Viewing my home country as an outsider, recombining fragments of cultural memories upon the imagination of Taiwan.

Yun Cheng is an artist based in Taipei, graduated from Royal College of Art (MA Print). Her works focus on Taiwanese cultures, traditions as well as lifestyle, she is particularly fascinated by Asian arts and crafts. The experiences in ceramic and printmaking allow her works vary from traditional graphics to sculptural crafting.