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|EZ Cute|白根ゆたんぽ Yutanpo Shirane 個展

白根ゆたんぽ Yutanpo Shirane 個展


時間|2019/6/21(五)– 2019/7/14(日)
地點|朋丁 pon ding 3樓
✈✈✈ 白根ゆたんぽ 藝術家現場似顏繪活動

暨去年參與 L’illustre Galerie LE MONDE 於朋丁策劃的POP-UP聯展後,此展是白根ゆたん(Yutanpo Shirane)首次海外個展。白根ゆたんぽ 的作品常刊登於日本知名雜誌BRUTUS,並曾為EXILE等藝人設計專輯封面。畫風多以簡單的線條構圖描繪可愛性感的女性為主軸。除了原作展示,這次藝術家也帶來相關周邊商品。

白根ゆたんぽ:「上回來台時發現悠遊卡(EASY CARD)十分便利,當時對這個淺顯易懂的名稱感到印象深刻。某天『EASY CUTE』這個詞突然浮現在腦海,後來發現跟EASY CARD的發音很相似,此檔展覽便以此命名。 」

❍ 插畫家簡介
白根ゆたんぽ Yutanpo Shirane
1968年生於日本埼玉縣深谷市,目前在東京工作、生活,自桑沢デザイン研究所(Kuwasawa Design School)畢業後便成為自由接案插畫家。商業合作案外更投入個人創作並參與多場企劃聯展,舉辦過多檔個展。2011年開始在母校任教。


This is the first solo exhibition of Shirane Yutanpo in Taiwan and overseas. This exhibition features works depicting cute and sexy girls made from simple lines and compositions. The exhibition also sells drawings and original goods and Zines.

“Last time I visited in Taiwan, I found that EASY CARD was so useful, and I was also impressed by its simple naming. A few days ago, the word EASY CUTE came up on my mind by accident. I found that it sounds like EASY CARD, and named the title EZ CUTE for my first solo exhibition in Taiwan. Hope you like it.“ says Yutanpo Shirane.

❍ Yutanpo Shirane
Tokyo based illustrator. Born in 1968 in Fukaya city Saitama, Japan. After graduating from the Kuwasawa Design Institute graphic department, he became a freelance illustrator.
He has been working for advertising, corporate campaigns, etc. so far. In addition to client work, he participates in various planning exhibitions and holds many solo exhibitions.
Since 2011, he has been teaching at his alma mater.